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High Quality Wire Rope for Wide Users

Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height
Manufacturing Standards:
Standardized production, in line with national standards, through quality, safety and specification inspection.
Affiliate classification:
Product Specifications
Technical Parameter

Condition: New

Diameter: 3/5/8/10mm

Wire Gauge: 3.0mm-10.0mm

Steel Grade: stainless steel wire

Standard: GB

Special Use: Cold Heading Steel

Cross Sectional Shape: Round

Type: Copper Coated, Steel Coil

Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy

Moder Number: WR

Status: Soft State

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1. Steel wire
The use of wire rope in the process of the need to bear the role of alternating load, the performance of the main performance by the wire mechanical properties, wire surface conditions and wire rope structure decision. The steel wire material includes carbon steel or alloy steel, which is made by cold drawing or cold rolling. The cross section of the steel wire has round or irregular shape (T type S type Z type). The profiled cross section steel wire is mainly used for the production of sealing wire rope, High tensile strength and toughness, and the appropriate surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different use of environmental conditions.
2. Cord core
The main function of the core is to support the wire rope to achieve a stable cross-sectional structure. The core includes core and fiber core, the fiber core includes natural fiber core and synthetic fiber core, natural fiber core such as sisal, jute, cotton thread, synthetic fiber core including polyethylene and polypropylene filament. Natural fiber core can store more grease, the rope to play a role in lubrication, to extend the service life of wire rope.
3. Grease
Wire rope twist the process of spraying grease, the main role of two, one of the steel wire rope lubrication to slow the wear of the steel wire surface, and second, the grease can be the surface of the wire and oxygen in the air, the oxidation of steel wire corrosion Play an inhibitory effect.

1. The rope is capable of delivering long distances.
2. Load safety factor, the use of safe and reliable.
3. Light weight, easy to carry and transport.
4. Can withstand a variety of load and variable load role.
5. Has a high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness.
6. In the high-speed working conditions, wear, seismic, stable operation.
7. Good corrosion resistance, can work in harsh environments of various harmful media.
8. Soft and good performance, suitable for traction, pulling, strapping and other uses.

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