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Industrial Radio Remote Controller

Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height
Manufacturing Standards:
Standardized production, in line with national standards, through quality, safety and specification inspection.
Affiliate classification:
Product Specifications
Technical Parameter

Condition: New

Use:  Universal

Material: Plastic

Specification: According to client's requirement

Signal transmission: IR Remote Control

Model Number: CON

Battery type: battery

Transmission Distance: <50M

Color: As client's demand

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Remote control of remote control distance (Remote distance of RF Remote Control) factors are the following:
Transmit power
The transmission power is large distance, but the power consumption is large, easy to produce interference;
Receiving Sensitivity
Receiver sensitivity increases, remote control distance increases, but susceptible to interference caused by malfunction or out of control;
Using linear antenna, and parallel to each other, remote control distance, but occupy a large space in the use of the antenna elongated, straightened to increase the distance from the remote control;
The higher the antenna, the farther away from the remote control, but subject to objective conditions;
The use of the wireless remote control using the national UHF band, the propagation characteristics and optical approximation, linear transmission, diffraction is smaller, between the transmitter and the receiver if the wall barrier will greatly discount remote control distance, if it is reinforced concrete walls, Because the conductor of the absorption of radio waves, the impact even more.

1. Four Dual speed push button and one EMGS button +one STOP button+ one START button+ one SWITCH.
2. Control point up to 6.
3. With the battery voltage alarm device to cut off the circuit when voltage is insufficient.
4. With the Rotate key switch to guarantee the safety.
5. Set the internal functions by computer interface.
6. Four push button can be set mutual inhibition or not.
7. Up, Down, East, West can be set start, close, speed up, jump strokes, ordinary etc.

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