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Steel Wheel Used in Crane/Trolley/Hoist

Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height
Manufacturing Standards:
Standardized production, in line with national standards, through quality, safety and specification inspection.
Affiliate classification:
Product Specifications
Technical Parameter

Double flange crane wheel
1. Material: cast steel or cast iron;
2. Constitute: two wheels, one axle, four bearings, and other parts;
3. Loading capacity: 1-300 tons, can be customized;
4. The type of the wheels: single flange wheel, double flange wheel, hollow wheel sets and solid wheel sets;
5. The diameter of the wheels: 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 900mm, 1200mm, etc. Or as your demands.

Common wheel forging material: 60#, 65Mn, 42CrMoo.

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Model: As client's demand

Condition: New

Wheel material: Steel

Bearing type: Steeling bearing or plastic bearing

Diameter: According to client's requirement to design

Maximum load: 300 Ton

Surface treatment: Zinc plated

Color: As client's demand

The steel wheel for steel rail transfer cart with double flange, it is the driving system with motor & reducer
Steel wheel installed on crane trolleys or end beams of overhead crane and gantry crane.
Heavy load forged steel crane wheel installed on portal cranes, ship to shore crane and so on.
Large diameter 900mm wheels for casting and forging crane.

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